Get ready for thecitizenship

You wish to apply for the Luxembourgish citizenship?However, you feel not confident yet and you need a boost before passing the test?

With the full program of 10 private lessons, you’ll have the best chances of succeeding at the Sproochentest.

You’ll know exactly what to say during the oral part as I will share with you all the subjects which might be asked in the language test. I advise you step by step how to respond correctly to questions and provide you with useful vocabulary for each topic and help you describing a picture as this is also part of the oral test.

My courses “preparation for the oral test” are the best ways to increase your confidence to speak well. As your coach I will give you my feedback on your spoken Luxembourgish. I’ll let you know what you are doing well and what you could improve. You’ll know how to fix your mistakes and improve your speaking.

So get ready now to succeed at the Sproochentest. Choose one of the courses below.

Practical details:

Pre-requisite: Level A2 – oral skill

  • one on one sessions at my place (Howald) or via Skype
  • group class on Saturdays from 10h00 – 11h15 – Next class starts on March 28th, 2020 – 2 spots left
  • group class on Wednesdays from 18h00 – 19h15 – Next class starts on March 11th, 2020 – full
You can choose (+free access to the online course):
  • 8 hours coaching sessions – 650€TTC*
  • 10 hours coaching sessions – 750€TTC*
  • 10 hours group class – 299€TTC*

*refundable in case you pass the Sproochentest

Let's Go!
Or choose the self-paced online course

Succeed at the Sproochentest“ – 199€*

*refundable in case you pass the Sproochentest

Personal fluencycoach

Are you looking for a different type of training which will push your Luxembourgish to a more advanced level of fluency? May be you have a personal objectives to become more fluent? Or do you wish to improve your pronounciation or comprehension skills?

Step by step I help you to find out the method that goes with you so to increase your Luxembourgish and to become fluent faster with personalized coaching that boosts your speaking and listening skills. We advance at your rythm. We focus on your specific objectives and it is 100% customized to your level.

Alongside, you choose communicative subjects which are relevant to you. Personal fluency of coaching will give you the confidence and the skills that you don’t have today so that you can become more fluent in Luxembourgish tomorrow.

How does Personal Fluency Coaching work?
  • We plan a pre-coaching free session on Skype. You explain your context, and I ask any questions that can help me understand your needs 100%.
  • We create a personalized coaching programme for you.
  • Between each session, I give you an action plan to complete.
  • We finish the programme with an evaluation session and with a personal feedback. You show me your progress and how you’ve become more fluent in Luxembourgish!
Practical details:

Pre-requisite: basic knowledge (minimum level A1) & motivation
Session: individual face to face or via Skype
Duration: cycle of 10 or 15 sessions of 1 hour each.
Location: Howald  / Skype
Certification: Certificat of compentencies
Fees: 799€TTC or 1199€TTC

Coach me!

Fluency conversation classes

If you don't practice speaking Luxembourgish, you'll never improve.You feel like you have no one to talk to, no one to push you. You want to practice your oral expression, but you do not have the opportunity to speak regularly.

Improve your Luxembourgish faster:
Join the Fluency Conversation Classes and practice with me as your coach and an international community of motivated students!

The concept:

The agenda is full until July 2020. The next classes will start in September 2020.

Book your place NOW by emailing me at

We will talk about 1 topic during each class. The classes will show you how to speak Luxembourgish in a more natural and fluent way by teaching you some useful sentences, questions, and expressions for common situations.

In the end, you become more confident speaking Luxembourgish!

Past topics:

  • How to introduce yourself
  •  Making small talk with friends & colleagues
  • Discussing favorite foods and typical dishes
  • My free time activities

Price: 8 lessons of 75 minutes 299€ (10 hours)


  • Where do we meet? Skype / Howald
  • What do I need to participate? your motivation to improve and speak Luxembourgish
  • What if I am absent? If you’re absent, you just miss the classes for that week.
  • What level do I need to have? This is mentioned on the calendar.
  • How many people participate in each session? You’ll practice speaking with 3 conversation partners. Max 4 students are participating in a class.
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