Sproochentest Oral Exam - Prep Classes

Classes 2023 – Evening 18h00-19h00

from November 13 – December 7 
 2 seats available

from December 4 – January 5   
3 seats available 

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Your Roadmap towards Sproochentest success – join me live on October 19, 2023

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Online Courses

Learn Luxembourgish online - solo or with our qualified coaches -at your own pace and anywhere

Our courses make learning an amazing adventure and will have you getting real results in no time

Self-Study Courses

You learn solo with tried-and tested top-quality materials.

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The Hybrid Course

A combination of self-study with support from teachers and speaking sessions.

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1:1 Coaching

Personalised Coaching program with Anne.

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Luxembourgish on the Go!

Learn Luxembourgish by listening to audios anywhere and anytime with my Podcasts!

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I have to admit:Luxembourgish is not an easy language.

I am going to help you improve your Luxembourgish and make progress!

Join the lux fluency class

After having worked with so many language learners, I have come to know what stops you making progress and improving your Luxembourgish.

My coaching approach is simple and consists of 2 words: Interaction and Repetition.

I focus on a communicative approach, this means that I focus on putting grammar

and vocabulary into context and conversations. This is so I can get you speaking quicker and this helps to increase your fluency faster, as you become less worried about using the correct grammar, and instead, you become more focused on getting your message across to others.