Learning Tips

6 Ways to Improve your Communication Skills in Luxembourgish

When speaking Luxembourgish, you may know lots of vocabulary and grammar, but still, be a terrible…

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Habits learn Luxembourgish

3 Steps to building a successful habit to improve your vocabulary in Luxembourgish

We find comfort in having a habit, right? Think about what you do every morning after you wake…

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8 Benefits of Having a Language Coach

“I’m learning Luxembourgish not only to pass the exam to acquire Luxembourgish citizenship but…

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How to Practice Listening – Sproochentest

To be ready to take the listening comprehension part of the Sproochentest you must PRACTICE …

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Speak confidently Sproochentest oral exam

How to Speak Confidently in Sproochentest Oral Exam

How to speak confidently in the Sproochentest speaking exam is the number one challenge for many…

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find time study Sproochentest

How to Find Time to study for Sproochentest

In this lesson we’re going to look at how you can find time to study and how you can create a…

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5 tips improve Luxembourgish speaking skills

5 Smart Ways to Improve your Speaking Skills

If you feel like you are not making progress with your spoken Luxembourgish , then read on because…

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Luxembourgish lesson listening

Improve your listening skills & understand better native speakers

How are your listening skills? Do you sometimes find it hard to follow native speakers in a…

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How to stay motivated to speak Luxembourgish

Does this sound familiar to you: You start off learning Luxembourgish and in the first couple…

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Luxembourgish online lessons

Luxembourgish Online Lessons – Benefits & How to be best prepared

You've probably tried learning Luxembourgish the traditional way by going to a school, right?  But…

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