Level B1/B2

Luxembourgish vocabulary schonn

Top 8 meanings of schonn – you must know

You will come across the word schonn very often. Schonn like some other words in Luxembourgish has…

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Luxembourgish lesson relative pronouns

All you need to know about Relative Pronouns

In this lesson you will learn what a relative pronoun is and when to use them and how to use them…

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luxembourgish verbs with mat

Learn 10 Verbs with the preposition mat

In  Luxembourgish there are verbs which take a certain preposition  and in this lesson you will…

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Luxembourgish Passive voice

Passive Voice in Luxembourgish – Easily Explained / B1

When do we use the passive voice? The passive is used when the speaker/writer wants to put emphasis…

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How say before Luxembourgish

How to say BEFORE in Luxembourgish

During our Luxembourgish conversation classes, my students often want to say in Luxembourgish…

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Luxembourgish tricky words dann

DANN used in questions

A wat ass dat DANN? You’ve probably learned in your beginners course that dann is a word which…

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Luxembourgish phrases advanced

55 Common Luxembourgish Phrases – Advanced Level

The goal of this lesson is to teach you Luxembourgish PHRASES that you can use in many different…

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Luxembourgish word order well wann

How to build a phrase with “well” or “wann” in Luxembourgish

Are you struggling with the Luxembourgish word order when using words such as well or wann? Well…

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ago since for Luxembourgish

How to say “ago”, “for” & “since” in Luxembourgish

In this lesson you'll learn how to say ago, for and since in Luxembourgish. They actually work…

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How to say “I’ll let you know” – Luxembourgish useful phrases

In this lesson I want to talk about some very useful Luxembourgish expressions - Bescheed soen…

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