Level A2

describe a person Luxembourgish

Learn how to describe a person / A2

In this lesson you will learn lots of vocabulary to describe a person, i.e., his physical…

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Luxembourgish Conversation Small talk Plans

Luxembourgish Conversation Workout #3: Finalising Plans

Ready for your next Luxembourgish Conversation Workout? Natural pronunciation takes practice, so…

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nëmmen eréisch Luxembourgish vocabulary

What is the difference between “eréischt” and “nëmmen”

During your learning journey you've certainly come accross these two Luxembourgish…

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Practice Luxembourgish Prepositions Quiz

How well do you know your Luxembourgish Prepositions? I invite you to read as well this lesson: 10…

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Luxembourgish lesson Phrases Intermediate level

55 Common Luxembourgish Phrases – Intermediate Level

The goal of this lesson is to teach you Luxembourgish PHRASES that you can use in many different…

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Luxembourgish word order well wann

How to build a phrase with “well” or “wann” in Luxembourgish

Are you struggling with the Luxembourgish word order when using words such as well or wann? Well…

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Luxembourgish Word order part 2

Word Order in Luxembourgish Phrases Explained – 2

In the previous lesson I talked about the 3 most important rules of the word order in Luxembourgish…

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The 3 most important rules about the Word Order In Luxembourgish

While there are cases in which Luxembourgish and English word order are identical, the word order…

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How to say “Me too” in Luxembourgish

A lot of my students get confused when I say something and they want to agree with it. They then…

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How to say “I feel like doing something” in Luxembourgish

In the previous lesson you learned how to say "I like doing something" in Luxembourgish and in this…

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