Learn to use “Si” and “hatt” correctly in Luxembourgish

Si or hatt

This is a topic I want to talk about because in my Luxembourgish coaching sessions I frequently hear my students hesitating whether they should say Si or hatt when talking about a woman or a girl. Now a question to you:

Do you know when you should say in Luxembourgish Si or hatt when talking about a woman or a girl? Not really? What is the difference? Are you also thinking:

How will I ever get this right?

First of all, and especially at the beginning of your language learning journey, it is normal to make mistakes. And I will help you to understand this subject in a very easy way:

hatt (casual) is used when talking about:

  • a woman we know well, or
  • a girl who is relatively young, or
  • your own daughter, or a young female of your family.


Examples in a discussion:
D’Laura geet muer an d’Vakanz. Hatt flitt op New York.
Mäi(n) Meedchen geet samschdes an d’Schwämm. Hatt schwëmmt immens gär.
Hues du dem Tom seng nei Frëndin gesinn? Hatt ass méi jonk wéi seng vireg Frëndin.

Si (formal) conveys a certain respect and is used when talking about:

  • a woman who is famous, or
  • a woman who is older than you (your mother for instance), or
  • a woman who has a position of power (the CEO of a company, for example).


Examples in a discussion:
D’Angela Merkel kënnt muer op Lëtzebuerg. Si trëfft sech mam  Xavier Bettel.
Meng Bomi ass gëschter an der Trap gefall. Si huet sech d’Hand gebrach.
Meng Cheffin  huet haut de Moien e Rendez-vous mat engem wichtege Client. Si ass ganz opgereegt.

You might also have noticed that Si (formal) si written with a capital SSo that’s the rule. Do you now understand the difference between Si an hatt?

Then test it with this quiz!

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Now what about you?

Have you ever been confused with Si and hatt? Did you try the quiz? Share your results with us in the comments below! We can all learn from each other!