Ready for the Sproochentest

Ready for the Sproochentest is a 3 module hybrid program built for students who plan to take in the upcoming future the Luxembourgish Language Test called Sproochentest with a view to acquire the Luxembourgish citizenship. 

Maybe you’ve already reached A1 and or A2 but need to refresh the basics or you are simply looking for a preparatory course? Jump into the Ready for the Sproochentest module that best suits your needs.

A1 Foundation, A2 Consolidation and Master the Sproochentest are stand alone self-paced online courses developed for busy/working, motivated people looking for flexibility and self paced language instruction.

Practice the Oral Exam is designed for students who have level A2 and who want to be best prepared to take the oral part of the Sproochentest. This module includes the self paced online course Master the Sproochentest and the instructor-led conversation course to improve your oral expression.

Mock Sproochentest

You want to mock exam before the date of your Sproochentest – just to boost your confidence? Then this one off session of 50 minutes is for you.


This “exam” with me follows the exact procedure of the Sproochentest

1. Speaking part – 20 minutes
a) You choose one of 2 topics I will present you and we will have a conversation (about 12 minutes)
b) You describe one of the 3 pictures I present you (about 4 minutes)
2. Listening part – 25 minutes
You listen to 3 different audios (radio item, 1 dialogue, 1 conversation) and answer multiple choice questions
3. Feedback: 5 minutes
I’ll give you immediate feedback about your speaking skills and send you the results by email.