You’re a bit nervous and don’t know what’s the exact procedure of Sproochentest Oral Exam is? You want to practice your oral expression to gain more confidence, right?

Then this class is for you.

What will you get:

Once you have registered for the class you’ll get access to my online course Master the Sproochentest Oral Exam until December 15th, 2022 and we will send you the program for the 1st session.

How does it work:

During each session we’ll mock oral exam: practice 2 topic discussions and description of a picture.

Evening Class
Duration: 3 weeks – November 7th until November 24th
When: every Monday and every Thursday from 18h00-19h00

Where: Zoom
Participants: 3 students – 3 seats available
Price: 499€* / participant

Lunch Class
Duration: 6 weeks – October 3rd until November 7th
When: every Monday from 12h00-13h00

Where: Zoom
Participants: 3 students – sold out
Price: 499€* / participant


After completion of a course reach out to us and we will provide you with a certificate of completion (including the level reached and the hours of study) that you will handle over to your employer. Check with the HR Department of your company on how to proceed.

* All our courses qualify for a refund up to 750€ from the government once you've passed the Sproochentest.