Luxembourgish Pronunciation

It is a mistake to think that Luxembourgish pronunciation is any less important than reading, listening and speaking skills. Pronunciation is the bridge between you and a native Luxembourgish speaker. One of the biggest problem for you as a Luxembourgish learner is to find someone to speak to. But once you have an opportunity to speak and you show the slightest weakness in your pronunciation, then native speakers usually instantly switch to French, English or German or they might frown and ask

Wat gelift? 

This is VERY embarrassing !

Read the full article about the Reasons why you should study and practise your pronunciation.*

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Now there is a good way to learn, practice and improve your pronunciation with my Online Course:

Luxembourgish Pronunciation Online Course

This course is for everyone – beginners and for those who want to improve their pronunciation.

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I want you to try these lessons. They are short and you can practice with them again and again, as you improve.


*Watch this lesson on youtube!