From Zero

to Sproochentest

A complete and proven step-by-step program that helps you successfully take the language exam to acquire Luxembourgish citizenship
in just 6 months

From Zero to Sproochentest is a hybrid coaching program that allows you to study from the comfort of your own home towards success in the Sproochentest


Do any of these descriptions sound familiar to you?

You want take the Sproochentest to get Luxembourgish citizenship as soon as possible.

But you don’t know where to start or how long it will take you to reach the level needed to pass?

Luxembourgish flag – of red, white and light blue stripes – fluttering in the wind at the top of a flagpole and against a clear blue sky with a few white clouds.
A woman working at a desk, with her chin in her hand, looking at a computer monitor and with her other on a computer mouse.

You want to be best prepared to take the Sproochentest but you don’t have the time to go back to school.

What you want is to find a flexible language learning program that fits your schedule.

You've been learning Luxembourgish for a while but you've never really practiced speaking it or used the language in real life.

Now you want to refresh the basics and actively practise speaking so you'll feel confident in the spoken part of the exam.

Two men sitting opposite each other across a table, trying to have a Luxembourgish conversation.

You’ve tried to learn Luxembourgish before, in group classes or solo

– once, twice or maybe even three times – but always struggled to complete a level and didn't progress as fast as you thought you would.

Result: you've lost your initial motivation.

Imagine having dual nationality – yours and Luxembourgish – and ...

  • having a passport that offers you the possibility of travelling to 190 countries without a visa
  • your children also having Luxembourgish nationality
  • having the right to vote in Luxembourgish national elections and seeing yourself as an active citizen
  • feeling integrated into Luxembourg society
  • seeing doors open to great professional opportunities in Luxembourg, for instance, to exercise certain roles in the civil service.

This needn’t be just a wish or a hope.

Let’s look at the facts ...

Photograph of Anne, your Luxembourgish teacher, smiling, with arms folded.

I'm Anne

Your Luxembourgish language teacher and coach

And I'm truly dedicated to and passionate about teaching and Luxembourgish.

I started teaching in large group classes, mainly evening classes and lessons for teenagers at college. But I quickly got tired of this way of teaching as the students were learning passively, so they soon lost their motivation and got poor results. I wanted to adopt a more proactive teaching approach.

So I decided to graduate to become a language coach and started to coach clients one-to-one and also in very small groups. I soon realised that my clients – who were all expats or people with a Luxembourgish partner, and who wanted to gain Luxembourgish citizenship – were progressing rapidly and seeing real results within several months. By following my coaching method they were reaching their goals and so they recommended me to their friends, family members and colleagues.

As a result, I got so much demand that I couldn’t accept any further students. I had a permanent waiting list of about 20 people. I needed a solution.

I was always a high-end coach, but I wanted to find a more efficient and consistent way to help more people while not overwhelming my calendar with one-to-one sessions.

So I decided to create online courses that enabled students to reach level A2 language proficiency by self-study. They were such a success that I decided to create another online self-study course to prepare students for the exam itself. Six months later I had over 500 students enrolled in my self-study courses. That’s when I had the idea of creating one hybrid program – self-study along with group coaching sessions – to best prepare my students for Sproochentest success.

Anne is not only passionate about teaching Luxembourgish (which helps a lot) but also she has outstanding pedagogic skills!

— Hugues Delcourt

Here's what's included in this group program:

1. Access to the program and curriculum

This 6-month online program is designed in a logical order that allows you to learn Luxembourgish step-by-step and to refresh the basics in exactly the areas you need to. It also helps you stay focused and motivated and lets you keep track of your progress with exercises and quizzes. (You'll have 12 months access to the curriculum).

6-month Program & Curriculum

Modules 1 & 2 both include:

  • 1 study guide (8 chapters with exercises & solutions)
  • 40 classroom video recordings
  • 24 audio recordings (dialogues)
  • Online flashcards
  • Chapter quizzes

2. Weekly speaking sessions

To give you the regular boost you need to practise speaking Luxembourgish, we provide weekly speaking sessions throughout the six-month period. There's a specific speaking session for each of the modules:

  • one for students studying the Foundation module (level A1)
  • one for those studying the Consolidation module (level A2)
  • one for those on the Exam Preparation module

So if you're wondering whether you'll get enough speaking practice on this program, I promise you, you will!

Can't join in live? Recordings are shared on the From Zero to Sproochentest online platform, so we've got you covered.

3. Monthly progress challenges and feedback

Increase your motivation throughout the program by submitting your progress challenge each month and we'll give you our feedback on where you can improve your current knowledge. Keep working towards your goals knowing you're going in the right direction.

4. Exclusive community access

Other people are so important when it comes to learning a language. When you join From Zero to Sproochentest you get 12 months' access to our private online community group. This is where you'll:

  • get support and feedback from me and my team, as well as from fellow students
  • get answers to any specific questions you have about the language
  • be able to connect with fellow students or find someone to practise speaking outside the program

Your investment

Paid in full (save 350€)


(one payment)

*refundable up to 750€ once you've passed the exam

Payment plan


4 Monthly Payments



Membership - 6 months full access to the content of my Blog - over 90 lessons (from level A1 to level B2, conversation workouts & pronunciation practice & learning tips) with downloadable PDFs & exercises.

What are people saying about the
From Zero to Sproochentest program?

Testimonials : Paulo

"Anne is a great professional! Her method is simple and effective, divided in little steps, it brings you from zero to conversational very quickly. Her live lessons are inspiring, motivational and a great complement to the online courses. Also, her tips on the Sproochentest are essential. I cannot but recommend Anne's approach to anyone willing to learn Luxembourgish these days."

- Paulo Sacco

“If you want to succeed at the Sproochentest and master the Luxembourgish language, Anne’s program From Zero to Sproochentest is all you need. Anne is a passionate and highly experienced teacher. With her well designed and top-content materials, you will never loose motivation. Anne is the best Luxembourgish tutor that you will ever have.
Thank you, Anne, for your passion and your precious help.”

- Michel Ange Dagrain

Testimonial : Michel-Ange
Testimonial : Beryl

"Thank you very much for your incredible support! Enrolling for your From Zero to Sproochentest course was the best decision ever! I made it in only 4 months. I am really grateful for your lessons, advice and support. I had fun learning with you and I am so proud of my performance especially the oral test. Villmools merci."

- Beryl Otieno

“I have chosen "Luxembourgish with Anne" program for preparing to Sproochentest based on feedbacks in Facebook and I never regretted it. With Anne and her well structured and easy to follow online and offline courses I managed to learn Luxembourgish from a complete zero to a solid A2 level over just 6 months and successfully passed the exam. Anne is a passionate teacher eager to help and support her students on each step of learning, offering practical tips, explaining grammar tricks and enriching your vocabulary in any possible way. I sincerely enjoyed the learning process with her, both online and offline, and would like to continue even after passing the exam.”

- Irina Sergeeva

Testimonial : Irina
Testimonial : Clément

"Thanks to Anne I passed successfully the test for the Luxembourgish nationality. I was already learning Luxembourgish for one year and half when I was looking for a structured coaching method for the test. Anne was the right teacher to this achievement. She is really result oriented and thanks to her professional experience she knows the way to make you reach your goals. It just means you’re not losing your time (and your money). During the speaking sessions I gained the confidence and the knowledge I needed to succeed in the test. Ech sinn elo Lëtzebuerger!"

- Clement Couvignou

“Working with Anne is super interesting and you always know that you will achieve your study goals whatever they are. Anne inspires people to put time and effort into the language and these efforts are paying off multiple times. Her ability to adapt and use the strongest sides of every student is something I have never experienced before. With the discipline and cadence set up by her both me and my wife were able to finalize our preparation for Sproochentest within a few months. After passing the test with the good score we are progressing towards our next goal speaking Luxembourgish fluently level B1."

- Andrei Zaichikov

Testimonial : Andrei

Got any questions?

When does the course begin?

The course is immediately available upon purchase. You have instant access to all the course materials upon purchase.

How long do I have access to the course material?

This course has been thoroughly elaborated to allow any student to be best prepared to take the Sproochentest in 6 months. But I understand that some people will need some extra time (holidays, business trips, maternity leave, health problems, etc) that’s why everyone gets 12 months access to the self-study courses A1 Foundation, A2 Consolidation & Exam Preparation. Speaking sessions are limited to a 6-month period.

How and when do I join the group speaking sessions?

Upon purchase, you'll receive a welcome email where I introduce you briefly to the program. I'll ask you to tell me when you would like to join the group speaking sessions. Let's say that you join on December 1st, but you would like to join the speaking sessions only as of January 1st. Then you'll be able to participate in the weekly speaking sessions from January 1st until June 30th. There is no possibility to pause the speaking sessions. Once we agreed on a starting date you have a 6-month period to participate in them.

What is the time commitment per week?

​​Depending on how quickly you want to reach your goal, that's really up to you. If your goal is to take the exam in the upcoming 6 months, then I recommend that you do 1 chapter 1 week. Each chapter is broken down in 5 easy-to-manage lessons of 40-45 minutes each. After having gone through 1 chapter, take 30 minutes to test your knowledge by doing the chapter’s quiz and another 20 minutes to practice pronunciation & vocabulary with the online flashcards.

I have level A1. Can I enroll in only one part of your program?

​​We’ve had a few clients join us saying the same thing at first, but once they actually got inside and saw all the resources, training and effective support we offer - they did not regret. And even if you’ve already level A1 before joining us, you haven’t done it with our unique approach. You will find in our Module A1 resources you haven’t found in any other program and which you can use to refresh the basics all the exercises and quizzes we offer or practice vocabulary with our series of online flashcards and more. This will help you to get even better results.
The whole program is designed as a system for one reason: all the individual modules work together to create results you’re looking for.

Do I get support, community or 1:1 access to you?

Yes you get – for a 6-month period – weekly group live sessions with me or another coach of my team where the focus is on practicing speaking. And by joining this course you'll have access to the private online community group where you get support and feedback and answers to any questions you have. That's also where you'll meet fellow students. There are no 1:1 sessions with me.

When do I need to apply for the Sproochentest at the INL?

If you want to sit the exam in exact 6 months you can apply 2 months before and select a date that suits you on the INL's webpage. Remember that you have 12 months access to the self-study course materials so that you can apply at the INL two months before your access to the course expires.

Am I eligible for a refund if I pass the Sproochentest?

Yes, if you successfully pass the Sproochentest, a part of the cost of the course (up to €750) will be reimbursed by the Luxembourg government. Just email me and I'll send you a receipt of payment.

Are there any other material or equipment costs besides the enrollment cost of the course?

There are few additional resources you can purchase to help you learn Luxembourgish. None of these are required. I recommend 1 tool you should use within the program and it is free.

Is your program really effective?

Yes and no. Almost all of our students pass the Sproochentest, so yes, it is extremely effective. However, it only works if you DO. If you do the work and listen to us, you will get the resluts you need. If you do not do any work, you won't.

Does your program also prepare to the listening part of the Sproochentest?

Yes, in the module Exam Preparation you'll find listening materials and a mock listening exam section.

What’s the difference between this course and your online courses A1 Foundation, A2 Consolidation and Master the Sproochentest-Oral Exam?

The 3 above mentioned courses are self-study and self-paced online courses. You learn alone, on your own and at your own pace (you have 12 months access). You don’t get any coaching support, no feedback on your progress, nor access to a private group community. And there is no learning material to prepare you to the listening comprehension part of the exam.

Do you offer a referral commission?

Absolutely! The From Zero to Sproochentest Referral Program is a win-win-win. We offer a referral commission for anyone you refer that enrolls in the From Zero to Sproochentest program. There is no limit to the number of people that you can refer into the program!