Weekly Lesson

How old are you

Learn how to ask in Luxembourgish “How old are you?”

In this lesson you will learn how to ask someone their age and how to answer that question and you…

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How to make an appointment

Learn how to make an appointment in Luxembourgish

Making appointments in Luxembourgish In today's lesson you'll get to learn more about how to make…

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Different meanings of bei

Learn the different meanings of the Luxembourgish preposition “Bei”

Bei is a two-way preposition Bei is part of the prepositions called two-way prepositions such as an…

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Learn to use Schonn

Learn how to use the Luxembourgish word “schonn”

You will come across the word schonn very often. Better get to know it quickly. Schonn like some…

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Hints to remember the gender of Luxembourgish nouns

In this lesson I wanted to answer a question I receive from many, many, many students: How can I…

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Learn to use correctly the prepositions “zu”, “aus” and “vun”

What is a preposition? A preposition is a word that shows the relationship of a noun or a pronoun…

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Learn more about Luxembourgish personal pronouns

In the previous lesson  you have learnt: 1 what a personal pronoun is, 2 the difference between du,…

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du dir Dir

When do you say du, dir or Dir in Luxembourgish?

This Luxembourgish grammar lesson will focus on Luxembourgish personal pronouns and will provide…

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Learn how to use the verb brauchen in Luxembourgish

Today’s lesson is inspired by a student question – he asked me how and when to use this important…

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End a conversation in Luxembourgish

How to end a conversation in Luxembourgish


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