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Introduction to the Luxembourgish Verbs in the Present Tense

In Luxembourgish we have regular verbs  - reegelméisseg Verben - and  irregular verbs -…

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How to tell the time in Luxembourgish Auerzäit

How to Tell the Time in Luxembourgish – D’Auerzäit

In this lesson you will learn how to tell the time in Luxembourgish. Telling time in Luxembourgish…

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How to say I think

How do you say “I think” in Luxembourgish?

In this lesson you will learn several ways to use the English verb "to think" in Luxembourgish.…

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Luxembourgish pronunciation Letter g

5 Pronunciation Mistakes of the Luxembourgish Letter “G”

In this lesson you will learn how to pronounce the most common sounds of the Luxembourgish letter…

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Luxembourgish Lesson How to answer questions

How to Answer Questions in Luxembourgish

In a previous lesson you have learnt how to ask questions in Luxembourgish. In this lesson I want…

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Luxembourgish pronunciation Diphtongs

Luxembourgish Pronunciation – How to pronounce diphtongs

What is a Luxembourgish diphtong? A Luxembourgish diphthong is a combination of two vowels  which…

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10 Luxembourgish words pronunciation

10 Common Luxembourgish Pronunciation Mistakes

Luxembourgish pronunciation is challenging. There are many exceptions and a number of words are not…

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Luxembourgish question words wou wuer vu wou

What’s the difference between Wou, Wuer and Vu Wou?

Today  you will learn the difference between the three question words Wou? Wuer? and Vu wou? In…

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Luxembourgish preposition mat

Learn to use correctly the Luxembourgish Preposition MAT

The Luxembourgish preposition mat  is a common preposition and it is hard to speak without using it…

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Luxembourgish expressions maachen

10 Luxembourgish Expressions with the verb “Maachen”

In this lesson I'm going to focus on just one single verb, MAACHEN which literally means to do or…

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