Luxembourgish irregular verbs

Tips for learning irregular verbs in Luxembourgish

Did you know that between 60% and 70% of the time when we use a verb in Luxembourgish, it is an…

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20 most used Sinn verbs

Remember the 20 Most Used Verbs with “Sinn” (Luxembourgish Perfect)

This lesson is all about remembering the verbs which require the helping verb "sinn" to build the…

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10 most used verbs

10 Most Used Luxembourgish Verbs (+ their Conjugation)

If you want to describe a cycling adventure, a night out partying or your last weekend, you’ll need…

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How to Use Modal Verbs 2

How to use Luxembourgish Modal Verbs – 2

In the first part of this lesson you've learned how the Luxembourgish modal verbs kënnen, mussen…

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How to Use Modal Verbs 1

How to use Luxembourgish Modal Verbs – part 1

In this lesson, I’ll briefly explain what a modal verb is, I'll talk about how we use a modal verb…

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How to say I think

How do you say “I think” in Luxembourgish?

In this lesson you will learn several ways to use the English verb "to think" in Luxembourgish.…

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Luxembourgish separable verbs

Luxembourgish Separable Verbs Explained

In this lesson you will learn about Luxembourgish separable verbs in the present tense.…

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Learn Other Uses of the Luxembourgish Verb Kréien – Part 2

As you now may have noticed, kréien is a versatile verb. In the previous lesson you have learnt 7…

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Luxembourgish VERB BRAUCHEN

Learn how to use the verb brauchen in Luxembourgish

This lesson is inspired by a student's question who asked me how and when to use this important…

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Luxembourgish reflexive verbs

What are reflexive verbs in Luxembourgish and how to use them 1 What is…

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