Level A2

How to Use Modal Verbs 1

How to use Luxembourgish Modal Verbs – part 1

In this lesson, I’ll briefly explain what a modal verb is, I'll talk about how we use a modal verb…

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How to say I think

How do you say “I think” in Luxembourgish?

In this lesson you will learn several ways to use the English verb "to think" in Luxembourgish.…

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Luxembourgish prepositions

Learn to use the Luxembourgish Preposition MAT correctly

The Luxembourgish preposition mat  is a common preposition and it is hard to speak without using it…

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25 Luxembourgish Phrases

Learn 25 Useful Everyday Phrases in Luxembourgish

In today's lesson you will learn useful phrases to use in everyday life and which will be very…

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Luxembourgish lesson ze

When do we say ZE and when FIR ZE in Luxembourgish

Today we will look at one particular part of the Luxembourgish grammar and this is ... how to…

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Luxembourgish Word order part 2

Word Order in Luxembourgish Phrases Explained – 2

In the previous lesson I talked about the 3 most important rules of the word order in Luxembourgish…

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Learn to use Jo & Mol

Learn to use the words “jo” and “mol” in Luxembourgish Speech

Jo and mol are two words in Luxembourgish that are frequently used as filler words in speech. That…

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Learn Other Uses of the Luxembourgish Verb Kréien – Part 2

As you now may have noticed, kréien is a versatile verb. In the previous lesson you have learnt 7…

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Luxembourgish prepositions time

Learn 10 Luxembourgish Prepositions of Time

When talking about the time in Luxembourgish, it can become tricky to know which preposition (no,…

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make appointment Luxembourgish

Learn how to make an appointment in Luxembourgish

In today's lesson you'll learn more about how to make appointments in Luxembourg and express…

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