Level A1

Luxembourgish Time Auer

Learn to talk correctly about the time in Luxembourgish

In this lesson I will tackle a few problems students often get wrong when they try to talk about…

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How say I'm sorry Luxembourgish

How to say “I am sorry” in Luxembourgish

Sometimes we say or do really stupid things. That’s ok as long as we apologize. But how? Have this…

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si hatt Luxembourgish

Learn to use “si” and “hatt” correctly in Luxembourgish

This is a topic I want to talk about because in my Luxembourgish coaching sessions I frequently…

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Luxembourgish n rule

Do you know what the Luxembourgish n-rule is all about?

Are you, like many of my students, also struggling with the pervasive Luxembourgish rule of final…

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Wéi geet et

How to answer in Luxembourgish the question: “Wéi geet et?”

Has this ever happened to you? Someone - like a colleague at work, or a parent at school, or…

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