Level A1

Luxembourgish lesson keen net

When to use KEEN vs NET in Luxembourgish

In this lesson I will talk about a typical problem of Luxembourgish learners: NEGATIONS When do you…

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Fräizaït free time activities Luxembourgish

Learn to use the word GÄR to talk about your free time

Today you are going to learn useful vocabulary to talk about Fräizäit (this is a topic of the oral…

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Luxembourgish Word order part 2

Word Order in Luxembourgish Phrases Explained – 2

In the previous lesson I talked about the 3 most important rules of the word order in Luxembourgish…

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The 3 most important rules about the Word Order In Luxembourgish

While there are cases in which Luxembourgish and English word order are identical, the word order…

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Luxembourgish weather Wieder

Learn to talk about the WEATHER in Luxembourgish

We all like to talk about the weather. In this lesson, you'll learn how to do so in Luxembourgish.…

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weekdays Luxembourgish

Learn all about the Weekdays in Luxembourgish

Do you know how to use the weekdays when talking in Luxembourgish? Learn in this lesson how to use…

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Luxembourgish preposition bei

Learn the different meanings of the Luxembourgish preposition “Bei”

Bei is part of the prepositions called two-way prepositions such as an and op. These prepositions…

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Luxembourgish gender nouns

Hints to remember the gender of Luxembourgish nouns

In this lesson I wanted to answer a question I receive from many, many, many students: How can I…

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Luxembourgish prepositions

Learn to use correctly the prepositions “zu”, “aus” and “vun”

What is a preposition? A preposition is a word that shows the relationship of a noun or a pronoun…

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Luxembourgish personal pronouns

Learn more about Luxembourgish personal pronouns

In the previous lesson  you have learnt: 1 what a personal pronoun is, 2 the difference between du,…

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