Meanings Luxembourgish word an

The different meanings of the Luxembourgish word “an”

In this lesson you'll learn the different meanings and usage of the Luxembourgish word an. This is…

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Luxembourgish Lesson How say NO

Different Ways to say NO in Luxembourgish

The word NEE - no in Luxembourgish is very short and negative. However, sometimes when we wish to…

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Luxembourgish lesson ago since virun säit

How to say “ago”, “for” & “since” in Luxembourgish – A2/B1

In this lesson you'll learn how to say ago, for and since in Luxembourgish. They actually work…

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Imperfect Perfect Tense Luxembourgish

Imperfect versus Perfect Tense in Luxembourgish – A2

There are 2 forms of past in Luxembourgish – the perfect tense and the imperfect. Now you may say:…

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10 Luxembourgish phrases questions

10 Luxembourgish Phrases You Must Know -2 (A2/B1)

This is part 2 of a series of 10 Must-Know phrases Luxembourgish native speakers use and that you…

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Luxembourgish vocabulary Bescheed

How to say “I’ll let you know” – Luxembourgish useful phrases B1

In this lesson I want to talk about some very useful Luxembourgish expressions - Bescheed soen…

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