A1 Foundation

Welcome to your Lëtzebuergesch initiation.
With this self-paced course, you will build a strong foundation with emphasis on pronunciation, listening comprehension, vocabulary acquisition, an understanding of grammar and an ability to use the new language.

A1 Foundation is a self paced online course structured around a study guide accompanied with classroom videos designed to engage, explain and illustrate the nuances of Lëtzebuergesch. Through these chapters you’ll get familiar with the basics of the language and within a few short weeks you’ll be introducing yourself, talking about your family and your daily activities.

You will actually learn how the language works, helping you as a listener to manipulate the language and use it in practical situations. 

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A2 Consolidation

A2 consolidation is a self-paced online course and is aimed at learners who have completed A1, or those returning to Luxembourgish after some time.
If you learned Luxembourgish a few years ago but have not been practicing the language, then this course will be the perfect way to review what you once knew. This course will help you relearn the language and the progression built into the course will allow you to gain confidence and speak more fluently.

In this course we will look at more complex vocabulary so to increase your range of vocabulary and, most importantly, you’ll learn to manipulate the language so to be able to say exactly what you want to say.

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A1 Foundation and A2 Consolidation are self-paced online courses developed for busy/working, motivated people looking for flexibility and self paced language instruction.