You wish to apply for the Luxembourgish citizenship?

However, you feel not confident yet and you need a boost before passing the test?

VIP Class – Mock Oral Exam

Get ready to sit the Sproochentest Oral Exam successfully with this VIP 6-week-live coaching-program

(6 hours in total/ once a week)!

Plus, get strategies, skills, and know-how that are specifically designed to help you give better answers in the exam and become confident.

This is what makes VIP Class – Mock Oral Exam unique. And this is why it works.

Pre-requisite: Level A2.2 – oral skill

Location: Skype / Zoom (2 students) – Instructor: Anne, Germaine or Daniel

Price: 600€* + 4 months FREE access to the online course Master the Sproochentest – Oral Exam (a complete proven step-by-step program).

Don’t wait too long to register. The VIP class sells out within a few weeks!

Registration – Join the waiting list:

January 2022 

  • Monday from 10h00-11h00 – Next class starts on January 3rd – sold out
  • Tuesdays from 18h00-19h00 – Next class starts on January 4th – 2 seats available
  • Thursdays from 12h15 – 13h15 – Next class starts on January 6th – sold out
  • Wednesdays from 12h00 – 13h00 – Next class starts on January 12th – sold out
  • Tuesdays from 18h00 – 19h00 – Next class starts on January 18th – sold out

*refundable once you’ve passed the Sproochentest

LIVE PRESENTATION – 27 December 2021

Are you serious about starting to learn Luxembourgish with us and  be ready to sit your language exam to acquire Luxembourgish citizenship end of June 2022? Then join the live presentation: “All you want to know about the Sproochentest”

We are going to do this together live on a Zoom call.

What will you learn:

  • the content and procedure of the Sproochentest
  • how and when to register
  • how your Luxembourgish learning journey looks like
  • your 6-month roadmap from Zero to Sproochentest Success
  • followed by a Q&A session

Are you ready to join me? It’s FREE!

When: 27 December 2021

Time: 18h00-19h00

Coach: Anne


LIVE Workshop - 15 January 2022

                                          It is a mistake to think that Luxembourgish pronunciation is any less important than reading, listening and speaking skills. Pronunciation is the bridge between you and a native Luxembourgish speaker.

Let's practice PRONUNCIATION

We are going to do this together live on a Zoom call

                      What will you learn:

        • how to pronounce vowel combinations (éi, äi & ei, ou ... etc)
        • how to pronounce consonant combinations (st, sch, sp ...etc)
        • how to pronounce the letter "g"
        • how to pronounce difficult but commonly used words
        • followed by a Q&A session

Are you ready to join me?

When: 15 January 2022

Time: 10h30-11h30

Price: 35€ -  Pre-sale (until 10 January) 25€ (Places are limited)

Register at: