I am going to help you improve your Luxembourgish and make progress!

How I will help you!

I know what you are struggling with and what is holding you back to make progress. Maybe you are living in Luxembourg since many years and you have a passive knowledge of the language but you have difficulties to speak. Or you have taken courses but you have difficulties understanding native speakers? After working with so many language learners, I have come to know what stops you becoming fluent in Luxembourgish and what can be done to fix it.

The difficulty is, unless you have learned many languages before:
How do you know what changes to make and to focus on?

In order to learn Luxembourgish quickly and efficiently, knowing what to focus on, how to study and how to make the best use of your time is what it is all about. My aim is to help you learn efficiently Luxembourgish and make the best use of your time.

Thanks to my fascination for Luxembourgish I help since 2012 as a qualified language coach every motivated person learning the Luxembourgish language.
Luxemburgish With Anne is the place where I share all my knowledge of the language, my useful tips and of course my passion.

“It is rare to come across a teacher as motivating and effective as Anne”
– Sébastien Brinster, Project Manager at Banque De Luxembourg

“Anne is not only passionate about teaching Luxembourgish (which helps a lot) but also she has outstanding pedagogic skills!”
– Hugues Delcourt, CEO – BIL (Banque Internationale Luxembourg)