How to say “to meet” in Luxembourgish

In this short lesson you will learn different ways how to say to meet in Luxembourgish.

When you meet someone for the very first time, you should use the verb


ee kenneléieren – to meet someone for the first time. Literally this is learning to know, less literally it would be getting to know, not literally it is meeting for the first time🙂


Schéin dech kennenzeléieren. – Nice to meet you (informal).
Wou hutt dir iech kennegeléiert? – Where did you (formal) guys meet?
Mir hunn eis an engem Sproochecours kennegeléiert. – We met at a language course.

We use either the verb

begéinen or treffen 

when you bump into someone unexpectedly (to meet someone by chance).


Ech hunn däi Brudder an der Stad begéint / getraff. – I bumped into your brother in the city.
Mir hunn deng Elteren am Kino begéint / getraff. – We met (unexpectedly) your parents at the cinema.

If you use the verbs begéinentreffen, you ALWAYS have to have an object. You cannot just meet without an object or person. This is different to English:

We meet at 9.00 (is totally fine)


Mir treffen um 9 Auer (WRONG)

We have to say what mir treffen… either something, someone or ourselves.

Mir treffen eis um 9 Auer. – We meet (us) at 9.00.
Mir treffe si virum Café. – We meet them in front of the bar.

When you plan to meet someone on purpose use

sech treffen (mat):


Wou trefft dir iech? – Where are you meeting up?
Wou solle mir eis muer treffen? – Where shall we meet tomorrow?

Mir treffen eis mat hinne virum Kino. – We meet (with) them in front of the cinema.
Ech treffe mech mat menger Frëndin an der Kantin. I meet (with) my friend at the cantine.

As you can see, the iech / eis / mech of the examples are NOT translated. It is just there in Luxembourgish because it is a reflexive verb and that the grammar wants it.

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kenneléieren – meeting for the very first time
treffen / begéinen – meeting by chance, you just run into someone;
sech treffen (mat)meeting on purpose, we have agreed on that before.

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