Month: November 2018

Luxembourgish free lesson accusative prepositions

Remember the Luxembourgish Accusative Prepositions

In this lesson you will learn the prepositions which always take the accusative case. To see in…

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Luxembourgish accusative case

Luxembourgish Accusative Case – Personal Pronouns – mech, dech, iech…

If you’ve already been studying Luxembourgish for a while, you are probably still struggling when…

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Understand the Luxembourgish Cases

Understand the 3 Luxembourgish Cases – Nominative, Accusative & Dative

One of the most challenging aspects of learning Luxembourgish, at least initially, can be the fact…

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20 most used Sinn verbs

Remember the 20 Most Used Verbs with “Sinn” (Luxembourgish Perfect)

This lesson is all about remembering the verbs which require the helping verb "sinn" to build the…

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