Month: June 2018

Luxembourgish question words wou wuer vu wou

What’s the difference between Wou, Wuer and Vu Wou?

Today  you will learn the difference between the three question words Wou? Wuer? and Vu wou? In…

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Luxembourgish preposition mat

Learn to use correctly the Luxembourgish Preposition MAT

The Luxembourgish preposition mat  is a common preposition and it is hard to speak without using it…

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Luxembourgish expressions maachen

10 Luxembourgish Expressions with the verb “Maachen”

In this lesson I'm going to focus on just one single verb, MAACHEN which literally means to do or…

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25 Useful phrases Luxembourgish

Learn 25 Useful Everyday Phrases in Luxembourgish

In today's lesson you will learn useful phrases to use in everyday life and which will be very…

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