Month: May 2018


Asking Questions in Luxembourgish

Asking questions and giving answers are the basics of great conversation, in Luxembourgish and in…

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Luxembourgish lesson common mistakes

8 Common Mistakes Luxembourgish Learners Make

Today I am going to talk about common mistakes Luxembourgish learners make when speaking…

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Learn Luxembourgish Vocabulary

5 Tips To Build Your Luxembourgish Vocabulary

What’s the best way to learn Luxembourgish vocabulary?  How can you learn more words? If only I…

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Luxembourgish lesson separable verbs

Luxembourgish Separable Verbs Explained

Today we will talk about Luxembourgish separable verbs in the present tense. Luxembourgish uses…

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Luxembourgish lesson Luxembourgish articles

The Luxembourgish Definite & Indefinite Articles

Today I am going to talk about an important but somehow exhausting grammar point:  The…

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Prepare Oral Test Sproochentest

How to best prepare the oral part of the Sproochentest

Nobody likes tests, let alone studying for them, but these tips will  help you conquer the oral…

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