Month: April 2018

Luxembourgish lesson keen net

When to use KEEN vs NET in Luxembourgish

In this lesson I will talk about a typical problem of Luxembourgish learners: NEGATIONS When do you…

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Luxembourgish for children

How can you teach your child Luxembourgish if you don’t speak it

Today I will answer a question I received by email from a mother of a three year old child : "My…

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Fräizaït free time activities Luxembourgish

Learn to use the word GÄR to talk about your free time

Today you are going to learn useful vocabulary to talk about Fräizäit (this is a topic of the oral…

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Luxembourgish learning tip

How to get over the fear to start a conversation in Luxembourgish

Are you learning Luxembourgish and want to start  to speak with native speakers? I know it can be…

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Luxembourgish lesson ze

When do we say ZE and when FIR ZE in Luxembourgish

Today we will look at one particular part of the Luxembourgish grammar and this is ... how to…

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speak Luxembourgish

How to avoid to draw blanks when you speak Luxembourgish

Today I will answer a question of one of my student who has been learning Luxembourgish by himself…

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Luxembourgish motivation

How to stay motivated to learn Luxembourgish as a beginner

If you are learning Luxembourgish, you are at the right place. Once a week I answer your language…

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Luxembourgish Word order part 2

Word Order in Luxembourgish Phrases Explained – 2

In the previous lesson I talked about the 3 most important rules of the word order in Luxembourgish…

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