Month: March 2018

Learn Luxembourgish with Anne

My Strategy to Learn Luxembourgish from Scratch

In this article I will answer a question I received by email from Lucia: How should I start…

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The 3 most important rules about the Word Order In Luxembourgish

While there are cases in which Luxembourgish and English word order are identical, the word order…

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Learn to talk about the weather

Learn to talk about the WEATHER in Luxembourgish

We all like to talk about the weather. In this lesson, you'll learn how to do so in Luxembourgish.…

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Learn to use Jo & Mol

Learn to use the words “jo” and “mol” in Luxembourgish Speech

Jo and mol are two words in Luxembourgish that are frequently used as filler words in speech. That…

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Luxembourgish lesson Verb kréien

Learn Other Uses of the Luxembourgish Word Kréien – Part 2

As you now may have noticed, kréien is a versatile verb. In the previous lesson you have learnt 7…

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